About Us

Tonia (Aveline de Ceresbroch)

Known to many in the living history and reenactment communities as "Aveline de Ceresbroch," Tonia founded The Harpy & The Hag in September 2012.  Although the current lines of clothing available at The Harpy & The Hag are primarily medieval and renaissance in inspiration, she enjoys making costumes from all different historical time periods from early Norse (Viking) to the Middle Ages to the US Revolutionary War to the 1920s and beyond.  She also got her start making costumes for LARPers and Cosplayers more than 20 years ago, so her garb is made to stand the test of lots of wearable activity!

Tonia is self-taught as a seamstress and costume designer, but has achieved great success in her career.  In the 2017-2018 Season at the Fort Wayne Civic Theatre, she served as costuming labor for the productions of "Jekyll & Hyde," "White Christmas," "La Cage aux Folles," and "Newsies."  She was the Head Costume Designer and Wardrobe Stylist for the production of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" at The Civic.  Tonia also served as the Head Costume Designer and Wardrobe Stylist for Wright State University's 2019 production of "The Merry Widow" operetta by Franz Lehar.

Anton (Lothar Nachtshatten)

Although Tonia started the business on her own, Anton joined the team in 2017 in sales and management.  A hobby historian, Anton (known to many as Lothar Nachtshatten) has been doing living history for nearly 30 years.  Recently Anton has become part of the block carving and stamping process, while Tonia sews the pieces together to make beautiful garments!

Photograph of Sir Lothar Nachtshatten and The Honorable Lady Aveline de Ceresbroch courtesy of Master Phillip the Pilgrim (Phillip C. Reed).